The result: printable 3D files

After weeks of learning basic of CAD in general and Autodesk Inventor I finished my own first phone supercharger.

We are living in a age where you just need a file and a 3D printer to create amazing things. So if you would like to print your own desk supercharger – I am happy to share the files open-source.

All of the things are printed with my Zortrax M200 3D printer in ABS except of the white case. It can be made also in ABS, but I found a 3D print supplier who is printing it in SLS for me. The surface and general impression are much better, more plastic-wise like the real one. But anyway, you could print it yourself as well.

Here are the .stl files for the six components:

White front

White back

Red inlay letters

Red inlay cable holder


For the “struts” on the sides I am using cut into lengths 8mm aluminium pipes.

Feel free to contact me for further questions 🙂

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